Where We Work

KOSI Corporation

Where We Work

Richard Troope greets the Head of the Turkish Court of Accounts in Ankara

KOSI with Members of the Chamber of Accounts Azerbaijan and the TCA

With Accounts Chamber of the Kyrgyz Republic and the SAO Latvia

Wayne Bartlett leading an international working group on IPSAS

With the President and Director of the Court of Accounts Moldova

Sean Sweeney leads an international working group on IFMIS

Paul O'Neill with Ahmed Salih of Auditor General Office Maldives

Chris Shapcott and Caroline Pyers with the leadership of Cabinet Office Jamaica

Participants of Cabinet Office of Jamaica in Performance Audit Workshop

Adrian Jolliffe leads an international audit workshop in Chisinau, Moldova

The Comptroller and Auditor General meeting a delegation from Moldova


Public Works Audit Training

Aly Lala, Sean Sweeney and Richard Troope with the Secretary-General of TA

With William Carlos Irish Ambassador to Mozambique and Dr Zuande TA

Richard Troope and Aly Lala from KOSI at the Irish Embassy in Maputo

KOSI workshop in Dublin with CPA Ireland, OCAG and Irish Ambassador

Workshop in Inhambane, Mozambique with the leadership of TA

Andrew McCormick Permanent Secretary DETI at KOSI HQ

KOSI Audit Software presentation at the Chamber of Accounts Azerbaijan

Participants in the PPCL programme with Judges from the Tribunal Administrativo

Auditor General of Maldives with Sean Sweeney discussing island reclamation

PPCL participants during their exams in Maputo

IFAC Headquarters New York with colleagues from CPA Ireland

With delegation from Mozambique at the Houses of the Oireachtas

Sean Sweeney and the Mozambique delegation with Michael Noonan

With Turkish Court of Accounts and Chamber of Accounts Azerbaijan

With Office of the C & A G and Accounts Chamber Kyrgyz Republic