Pandemic Payment (PSRP)

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Pandemic Payment (PSRP)

Employee Queries

KOSI has a PSRP team which has been engaged to support and liaise exclusively with employers in respect of PSRP claims. If you are an employee, you should liaise directly with your employer regarding any queries you may have. The PSRP team would be happy to respond to your employer if they have a query.

When claims for eligible employees have been approved the HSE will distribute funding to the employer for onward disbursement to employees. When funds have been received, employers are required to make PSRP onward payments to employees within 30 days.

Employer Queries

To receive further information on your application, please contact the PSRP team using the contact details provided with your claim pack.

Scheme Administrator Update

On 1 November 2022 KOSI began issuing claim packs to organisations identified by the HSE as possible employers of front-line workers who may be eligible for the PSRP and requesting completed packs to be returned to KOSI for evaluation and verification.

To date over €63.9 million has been disbursed to 718 eligible Non-HSE and Non-Section 38 employers for onward payments of the PSRP to their identified eligible employees. PSRP employer applications continue to be received on a daily basis.

All employers who submitted their application before June 2023 have either been paid or have been asked to provide further necessary information. KOSI are currently evaluating applications submitted after the 28 June 2023 and supplementary claim packs received from organisations who have already received payment for their first application.

What is the PSRP Scheme?

The "Pandemic Special Recognition Payment" (PSRP) results from the decision by the Government of Ireland to provide specific financial recognition to eligible frontline health care workers based on the particular additional risks they faced in performance of duty during the pandemic.

On 20 October 2022 KOSI Corporation Ltd (KOSI) was engaged by HSE as Scheme Administrator for non-HSE and non-Section 38 employers with eligible employees from the following cohorts:

  • Private sector long-term residential care facilities for older people (nursing homes) and hospices, whether they be private, voluntary or Section 39 organisations.
  • Eligible staff working on-site in Section 39 long-term residential care facilities for people with disabilities.
  • Agency and contract staff who worked in clinical settings for the HSE or within cohorts 1, 2 and 4 (for example a nurse, doctor, paramedic, cleaner, caterer or security staff).
  • Health care support assistants (home help, home care or home support) contracted to the HSE.
  • In order to be eligible for a PSRP, employees must also meet the two qualifying criteria below:

    • The employee must have worked for at least 4 weeks between 1st March 2020 and 30th June 2021 - this does not have to be a continuous 4-week period
    • This work must have been in a frontline covid-exposed clinical environment, and which warranted the employee's inclusion in Sequence Group 1 or 2 for the Vaccination Programme

    Employees are only entitled to receive one PSRP (maximum €1,000). Employees of non-HSE and non-Section 38 organisations may have already received the payment from their work with the HSE or Section 38 organisations, these employees are not entitled to receive a second PSRP.